About HolloW

  • Location: Montreal, QC, CANADA
  • Genre: Metal -Symphonic Black/Death/Power/Thrash

Short Biography
The band has grown since it has seen it's first days. With many changes, friendships won and lost, through hard work and money the band has survived where most would not. In 2007, Vlad one of the founding members and a great friend was found dead after a month of disappearance. The band has lived its worst then. Music was the pulse that kept them alive through this tragedy and like a phoenix, rising from its ashes, the band united, stronger than ever, keeping the memory of its fallen brother alive with every note they play.

In 2009, Armaros and Mott joined the band, infusing new sound and energy. With many shows under their belt, Hollow became a household name in Montreal.

2010 saw the release of the "Cynoptic Eschaton" EP, and many more shows but this time, Hollow was opening for bigger acts such as Orphaned Land, Suidakra, Tyr or Aborted to name but a few.

During the spring of 2011, Armaros and Ophï'‚¿'‚½lie left the band for personnal reasons and Hollow decided it was time for a change. With Alexief leaving soon after, Hollow needed dedicated people and that is exactly what was found. Enter Alchemist and Blaac, and see Hollow REBORN!

Blaac - Drums
Mott - Vocals
CaDaver - Lead Guitar
Snow - Bass
Alchemist - Rythm Guitar

Past members:
Vlad Dumitrescu - Bass - 1988-2007 (R.I.P.)
Ophï'‚¿'‚½lie - Keyboards - 2011
Alexief - Drums - 2010-2011
Armaros - Bass - 2009-2011

Record Label

Hollow - E.P OUT NOW!